VW Type 2 Mini Bus

VW T2 Mini Bus

  • vintage
  • vintage
  • semi-modern

The classic mini bus

In 1947 the VW Type 2 Bus was born! Dutch importer Ben Pon got the idea from the motorized trolleys used to transport parts around a VW factory in Wolfsburg.  They were made from stripped down Beetle chassis! 

This lead to his sketch on 23rd April 1947 of a Beetle-based van, slightly resembling a box on wheels! The first VW bus was launched at the Geneva Motor Show in November 1949. In 1968 the Split screen was replaced by the ‘early bay’. The radical rethink in style was just the beginning. There were major suspension changes and engines were now fitted with a stabilizing back bar.  A one piece windscreen and wind down windows also added to the changes – in fact just about every mechanical part and body panel was replaced! It was commonly known as the Bay-window, or Bread Loaf in other countries.

The last bay rolled off the production line in 1979 with 3,292,272 buses made.

YEAR 1974
BRAKES (Front/rear) Disc/Drum
Weight 2070
TOP SPEED (km/h)


  • Steering
    • Vintage: requries some efforts to turn at low speed or in 90 degrees or higher turns
    • Semi Modern: no assistance but moderate effort needed to turn
  • Gearbox
    • Vintage: the 3rd to 2nd gear change requires care. Better not to change too often gear. Require going through the neutral to change gear
    • Semi Modern: requires to go through neutral to change gear. Gear changes smooth
  • Brake
    • Vintage: brakes are strong and efficacious but without assistance, it requires pressing the pedal with some strength (shoes with good outsole ) to brake.
    • Semi Modern: moderate effort required to brake