VW Beetle

VW Beetle 1200

  • semi-modern
  • semi-modern
  • vintage

The everlasting design

There were 21.5 millions of beetle produced through its 60 years career on the roads. Our Beetle is a very specific one called “Spark√§fer” or econo beetle. VW used to produce many different versions of Beetle by assembling different parts from different generations. The major design evolution occured in 1967 when VW replaced the sloping headlights and long bonnet by an upright headlight and short bonnet. Some versions lasted only 6 months. The econo beetle is a combination of the previous Beetle and of the 1972 model. It is equipped with a 1’200 engine generating 36 horsepowers. The dashboard is very vintage due to his metal painted.

YEAR 1974
BRAKES (Front/rear) Drum/Drum
Weight 850
TOP SPEED (km/h) 110
  • Steering
    • Vintage: requries some efforts to turn at low speed or in 90 degrees or higher turns
    • Semi Modern: no assistance but moderate effort needed to turn
  • Gearbox
    • Vintage: the 3rd to 2nd gear change requires care. Better not to change too often gear. Require going through the neutral to change gear
    • Semi Modern: requires to go through neutral to change gear. Gear changes smooth
  • Brake
    • Vintage: brakes are strong and efficacious but without assistance, it requires pressing the pedal with some strength (shoes with good outsole ) to brake.
    • Semi Modern: moderate effort required to brake