Mini Cooper Innocenti

Mini Cooper Innocenti

  • vintage
  • vintage
  • semi-modern

Our sporty car

Innocenti produced 400’000 Mini under licence from 1966 o 1975. The mini is almost a Greek car as it was designed by the English-Greek engineer Alec Issigonis. From 1959 to 2000, 5.3 Millions Mini were produced.
Our Mini cooper innocenti has a 1’300 cc engine and a manufacture origin sunroof. With less than 700 kg and almost 60 horsepower, the mini is a really fun car to drive. It looks like a toy being only 3 meters for length and width,¬† 1.4 meter height and with its minuscule wheels. The differences between our Innocenti and other Mini are among other: the boot, the gauges and a very specific triangle window which you can open to get some air. All in all the Innocenti is a nice combo of English and Italian styles.

YEAR 1973
BRAKES (Front/rear) Disc/Drum
Weight 690
TOP SPEED (km/h) 157


  • Steering
    • Vintage: requries some efforts to turn at low speed or in 90 degrees or higher turns
    • Semi Modern: no assistance but moderate effort needed to turn
  • Gearbox
    • Vintage: the 3rd to 2nd gear change requires care. Better not to change too often gear. Require going through the neutral to change gear
    • Semi Modern: requires to go through neutral to change gear. Gear changes smooth
  • Brake
    • Vintage: brakes are strong and efficacious but without assistance, it requires pressing the pedal with some strength (shoes with good outsole ) to brake.
    • Semi Modern: moderate effort required to brake