we drive youto your team values

Odeego unites forces with UGrow ( and offers an innovative and unique training program which points out the values’ importance in the modern world and the importance of classic in our lives!

The Idea

Odeego in cooperation with Ugrow ( has created an innovative and really constructive coaching program which aims to empower company’s culture and enhance people’s engagement.
UGrow’s coaches/program designers are responsible for the program’s implementation, which is always tailor made to each company’s specific needs. Participants are led by them to discover, realize and finally proceed to the smaller or bigger changes required in the interest of the whole.
Vivid interaction and people’s engagement encourages free expression and helps team’s bonding as well as individual development and empowerment.

How will it help your Team

So which are your strengths? Which are the points that need improvement? What is the role of each participant in the team? Does this role is acknowledged by himself and by the other team’s members? What are the company’s expectations by each employee and what are the employee’s expectations by the company?
We put everything in order, method meets elegance, style, originality, exceptional aesthetics, interesting activities and inspiration with a retro touch!

The Classics

Odeego contributes by providing its priceless classic cars collection and welcomes us at its exceptionally elegant offices where the indoor activity takes place. Triumph, Spitfire, VWBeetle, Mini Cooper etc constitute just a part of Odeego’s fleet, all of them carefully chosen for the outdoor part of the program.
Classic car symbolizes the classic values, the human’s initiative and thirst for action. It also represents the aesthetics of another era, a trait that adds value and prestige to the training procedure.
The participants are thrilled to be given the chance to drive a classic car along the Athenian Riviera, in a fun atmosphere among their colleagues, in a symbolic journey…

The Workhshop map

The routes take place figuratively, at Odeego’s premises (coaching workshop) on the first day of the program but also literally, while driving a classic car, on the second day.
We design diverse routes based on team’s needs, values and company’s policy. These routes are indicated by the coaches and underline the definition of values, goals and identities of the participants.
Our routes destinations are interrupted twice,  where we operate a pointed out tour, which is of crucial importance since it connects the program’s target with the outdoor activity.
The coach acts as a facilitator by giving instructions during the activity’s procedure and later on, during the phase of establishing this whole new experience. What characterizes the activity is fun, self-awareness and learning. Any company’s section may participate, depending on the company’s wishes.
The games and challenges are designed to meet the team’s needs and may vary. Treasure hunting, regularity rally, driving in convoy, excursion organization and many more. Inspiration derived by driving a classic car really gives birth to diverse projects! As mentioned above, the coach is the facilitator who makes learning through the experience easy. Our final goal is to help people realize the connection between their personal values and visions and the company’s values and visions. They will then feel engaged and motivated to act accordingly in order to gain better results in their workplace. What are the steps we should take to get there? We end up to a specific action plan.


one or two days’ training, according to the needs of the company


part 1st . indoor workshop
Presentation, conversation, lecture, self-awareness , agreement for change, playing

During the first day the participants learn from the coaches to recognize the challenges that lie ahead, on the second day of the program. They are guided to realize what is needed to overcome these challenges and getting ready for them.  At the same time they are about to discover and realize their personal values and how these coincide with the company’s values. This understanding will surface the following day.

part 2nd . driving workshop

Outdoor experience: Driving, entertainment, challenges, conclusions.

On the outdoor, they are driven purposely to come across experiences which will help them reveal and realize hidden aspects of themselves and others. And this is how the big change is experienced, this is how social learning is achieved!
The outdoor activity has a very strong impact thanks to the previous “in office” workshop which aims to highlight the company’s culture and values and to engage the participants to the company’s goals.
Thus the participants are already open to the new experience and the changes that hide just behind the corner!


Min. participants: 6 persons
Max participants: 20 persons


Constantina Pandoulia – Founder Ugrow, Life & Career Coach
Lefteris Katsimanis – Founder Life Creativity Coaching, Life & Business Coach